In the beautiful city of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, a young girl lived with her parents. The child’s name was Genevieve. Now Genevieve was always fascinated by the thick, luxuriant green foliage that great around her home for miles on end, and never wanted to be inside. Any free time she found herself with inevitably was spent tacking through the dense wood, exploring, playing pretend with the timid wildlife, observing and always straying further from home than the time before.

Genevieve’s parents were often worried for their daughter, fearing she’d find herself lost in the woods one day, even get attacked by one of the forest dwelling predators, looking for another meal so satiate its hunger. The forest was vast, dangerous, with steep hills, wild animals, and unknown plants. There were many dangers, though Genevieve seemed oblivious to everything aside from the wonder of the unknown. Being only twelve years old, much was still unknown to the girl.

As with any other warm summer day, Genevieve went out to begin another journey through the foliage first thing in the morning, after humoring her mother by choking down some of her horrid cooking of course. She skipped out the front door, an around the house to where the forest began, deep, vast, and glorious in all its aspects. As she entered the trees, she felt something was off; this wasn’t going to be like all of her other trips, something was going to happen. She could just feel it. She’d never been scared of the forest before, never thought about the dangers, what could be in there that could potentially cause her harm, but on that day, she just couldn’t shake the feeling of terror. Genevieve tried to just shake it off, reminding herself that she does this everyday, there was no reason to be scared. She was just being silly.

As Genevieve continued on through the woods, she noticed a particularly large gathering of animals, of all types, really. An entire murder of crows flying through the tree branches, perching every few trees or so, just observing. A herd of rabbits, shuffling and hopping through the underbrush, even a few foxes sitting in the shadows. It was quite typical for Genevieve to see a few animals here and there on her journeys, but they would always scatter at the slightest sound, not these ones, they stayed. They watched. They were waiting. As many red flags and warnings to turn around, she stayed, determined to discover a new area on this day. Though, what she’d find might not be exactly what Genevieve was expecting.

Genevieve skipped around, marveling at the fact that she could actually observe the animals from up close, giving them all their own unique names, as they seemed to follow her as she trudged though the brush. Here and there she would hear on odd sound that sent a chill down her spine, a loud screech far off, resonating through the trees. Yet, she continued on, down to the river flowing down the mountain. Maybe if she follow the river today, she’ll come across something new, and she most definitely would, just not in the way she would have liked. Step by winding step, she descended down the mountain next to the river, singing to herself as she went, coming to an abrupt stop near a fork in the river. The sweet innocent child had never seen such an awful thing, staring back at her was a head. An entire wolf’s head, sat lifelessly staring in Genevieve’s direction, dull and disembodied. It’s body was nowhere to be found, but what was capable of doing this? Who could have done this to such a beautiful creature? Genevieve begun to realize that she probably shouldn’t have gone out today, listened to her first instinct to stay away from the forest. There was clearly something quite strange going on here.

Genevieve turned around abruptly to return home before she came across the culprit of the wolf’s beheading, and stopped, just as abruptly as she’d turned to leave. Sitting there against the nearest tree was a doll, the kid of doll that her grandmother bought her for birthdays and Christmas, a beautiful porcelain doll. However the doll got out there, she couldn’t fathom, for that was no place for a child’s toy, or playing around, especially with something so dangerous roaming around. The doll seemed to be in such good condition, not looking like it had been played with at all, no dirt or grime, its hair even still laid neatly down to its shoulders, not even the slightest bit tousled.

Upon further observation, Genevieve realized that this was one of the latest dolls that her grandmother had gotten her! Strange. Her mother and father didn’t come out here that she knew of, and all her dolls had been on a shelf this morning before she’d left, she remembered checking. Something odd was definitely going on. Genevieve ran to the doll in hopes of grabbing it up and placing it back on her bedroom shelf in its place among the others when she returned home, only to be met by that weird chilling screech when her hand met the dolls arm.

Genevieve faltered as the world around her vanished. Everything went dark and cold for a moment, until everything rushed back, hitting her like a tsunami, knocking the wind from her lungs. Genevieve stood to her feet as a shrill, spine-chilling laughter flooded her ears, followed by the same voice that laughed, “ Now that you’ve fallen for my trap, you’ll never return to your life, for your soul is mine now. You set me free now you’ll forever be imprisoned in your own jail”. Terrified, Genevieve looked around, noting that everything seemed much larger now, the leaves on the forest floor, the towering trees, even the once tiny pebbles by the river had tripled in size. She bent down to dust the dirt off her knees and realized what had happened. All she could see was the doll, but from the dolls perspective. She was inside the doll, moving and functioning as the doll would. She was the doll and the doll was her.

So many things were going through Genevieve’s head as she tried and failed to scream in horror. She was unable to speak. How would she tell her parents. Where was her body? How will she get home? Was her life over? What was going to happen to her? Rather than dwelling on the inevitable, Genevieve started on her way back home, as fast as her doll legs would take her, for she didn’t know what else to do.

Step-by-step, Genevieve trekked slowly up the mountain, making little progress as she went with her tiny doll legs. As she approached her house she faced a new challenge altogether. How on Earth would she get into the house? She couldn’t reach any of the doorknobs, much less slide open the door wall. After careful consideration, Genevieve settled for the doggy door and made her way inside, it was about noon now so her parents should be up and around to make lunch soon. She planned to tell them then, but how? She couldn’t speak or move her mouth!

Genevieve was delighted to hear her mother coming down the steps, and ran to the stairs, only to freeze in place and be unable to move as soon as she got close. All at once, the dreaded shrill voice came back, “Oh, you thought it’d be that easy did you? You aren’t able to tell them that it’s you, you aren’t able to move in front of them, you’re just a young child, haunting a silly little doll. They won’t find you.” Genevieve’s mind flooded with terror and sadness, what if she really couldn’t ever tell them where she was? What if she was doomed to stay this way forever?

Genevieve’s mother walked right past her and to the front door, opening the door, she called for Genevieve a few times, to come home for lunch no doubt. All the while Genevieve was internally begging for her mother to see her, to notice, anything. After a moment, her mom shut the door and headed back in, “That dang kid with her adventures, she’d better be home soon for lunch.” She then noticed the doll, and went and picked her up. “Odd, I didn’t think Genevieve even played with these.” She picked her up and took her upstairs and set her on her daughter’s bed, then back downstairs to make lunch. Genevieve’s father arrived home from work shortly after, questioning about Genevieve’s whereabouts, and decided to go looking for her after hearing she’d been gone since breakfast and hadn’t returned yet.

Genevieve crawled out of the bed while her parents were downstairs and rummaged through a lower drawer in her desk, grabbing a crayon and a pad of paper. She began to carefully write, as well as her miniscule hands would let her: Mom, Dad, It’s me. I’m the doll, please help me! She made her way down the stairs, step by step, slowly but surely with the pad in her hand, and of course, dropped lifeless to the ground and she rounded the corner to the kitchen where her mother was. She sat there like that for what seemed like hours, until her dad burst through the door, he was telling her mother about how he saw no sign of her, that something bad might have happened. Genevieve’s mother said something to the extent of “let me grab my shoes” and ran toward the stairs, stopping dead in her tracks as she saw Genevieve, the doll. “Honey, I need you to come see this..” She said quietly, “I just took this doll upstairs and put it on Genevieve’s bed not fifteen minutes ago.” Her father chimed in, “What in God’s name…? What do we take of this? Do you think somebody’s abducted her and is just messing with us? I’m calling the police!”

Minutes later, the police arrived at the house, along with backup to go searching through the forest while the chief talked to the parents. They searched the house, every nook and cranny, every possible place a person could be hiding and found nothing, no doubt to give reason for the doll to be moved. As expected, they found absolutely nothing. Genevieve got up and attempted to move every once in a while when the room was empty, pulling out the pad and beginning to write again: It’s really me, I’m stuck in the doll pl–

She was cut off by the officer walking back into the room. She dropped, crayon in hand, next to the paper. “Mr. and Mrs. Ericson. I think we’re dealing with something bigger than an abduction. There’s clearly nobody else in this house, we just searched the entire place.” Genny’s mom chimed in, “right, there’s nobody here, but what do you mean? Something bigger than abduction?” The police officer pointed down to the doll, that neither parents had bothered to look at again, and both their jaws dropped. “What do you mean? Are you saying she’s possessed the doll? That we need an exorcist?” Genny’s dad added, “That sort of stuff isn’t even real! Are you trying to tell us that this doll is actually our Genny??” The police officer nodded, but said he’d continue searching with the others just in case, and left the parents to think for a while.

“What the hell are we going to do? You can’t actually believe that this doll is our daughter, that she’s trapped in it? There’s no way!” Genevieve’s dad exclaimed, holding back tears. “I don’t know honey, I don’t know what to do.. Should we at least try going that route? At least find a medium to see if it really is her?” “well, I suppose.. But I’m not sure of any of this. It’s all so bizarre.. What the hell happened while she was out there today?” They both quieted down, and sat in silence for a moment, thinking, contemplating, wishing they weren’t in their current position. Mrs. Ericson grabbed her cell phone from her pocket and called up and old friend from school, Annette King. “Hey Anne, I need some help, from you particularly. I think something’s happened to Genny.” She hung up the phone and sighed. “Really? Annette? She’s a phony! Don’t let her come up in here giving you her -I see ghosts- Mumbo-jumbo” “Are you serious? It’s the only thing I can think to do! We already have the entire police force out looking for her! It won’t hurt to try.

All the while, Genevieve was sitting at the bottom of the stairs once again, frozen, waiting for something to happen, anything. She needed help. A knock came from the door and both parents rose to their feet and ran to the door, greeting the person on the other end fondly, and explaining what had happened so far. “Well, I can start by trying to talk to her, if it really is her. We can perform a sort of séance, if you’d like. Bring me the doll” Came the stranger’s voice, as Genny got picked up and placed in a woman’s hands. All at once, Annette nearly dropped the doll as soon as it came into her hands, “This is not good, the spirit in here is hurt, trapped, broken. But there’s something else, something darker. Something Evil.” The horrified parents looked to each other then back to Annette. “We must work, and fast. If it’s her in here, her body must be somewhere else. We MUST find it. Whoever is inn your daughter’s body is dangerous.” The parents rushed around to follow the strange lady’s orders, cleared off the table, dimmed the lights, lit a candle, and set Genevieve in the middle of the table.

The adults were all sitting around the table wit their hands clasping one another’s in a circle, and Annette chanted below her breath. “If you are with us, make it be known”. Genevieve was scared at this point, she didn’t feel alone anymore. Whoever owned that terrifying voice was back, and taking control! Genny could barely even think her own thoughts, as a dish flying off the counter startled her back into focus. Annette began again, “Spirit, are you Genevieve?” A knock on the table sounded, confusing Genny all the more. She hadn’t done that, had she? “Young Genevieve, where is your body?” All at once, all the water in the house was turned on, the sink ran, you could hear the sink and bathtub running in the bathroom, “The river?” Another knock on the table. “We will help you get home, sweet one.” The ceremony ended, and all Genevieve could hear was that ear-splitting terrifying laughter again, and again and again. Overwhelmed, and exhausted, she wished she could just sleep, and zoned out as she let her mind wander.

After what seemed like just a few short moments, police flooded into the house, carting Genevieve’s body, bringing her back to awareness. It was sad, lifeless, empty. Though she still had a heartbeat. Annette picked Genevieve up as she ushered the police out and walked over to her body and positioned them next to each other. Genevieve’s parents looked mortified as Annette tied a string between their daughter’s and the doll’s wrists and begun muttering words in a strange language, getting louder and louder. Genevieve could hear something in the back of her mind telling her to stay, but she did everything in her power to push her soul out of that doll. The lights started flickering, pots and pans clanked together on the rack above the table, the table was vibrating on the ground, the atmosphere was so strong it was nearly unbearable, until the very last moment when she was finally able to escape and move back into her body, Genevieve felt something push her back, she fought with all her might but couldn’t move! At that instant, Genevieve’s eyes opened, full of life, and started crying, weeping even as her mother and father grasped her body and embraced her as hard as they could. Genevieve stared in horror from the doll as her body was being animated by something else! Annette quick stood up and said, “now we need to dispose of the doll in a way that the spirit still in it won’t be able to escape ever. We must burn it.” Genevieve’s dad quickly gathered up the doll inhabited by his daughter, some fire starter and headed out to the fire pit in the back yard. Genevieve’s screams never left her beautiful porcelain lips as her father burned her along with the doll, all the while the demon inhabiting her real body was her plotting her next move.

A week later, Mr. and Mrs. Ericsson had taken their daughter to the hospital to be evaluated due to strange and erratic behavior ever since the incident.

The police went to check on Genevieve just days later and found both parents dead, their throats slit and their eyes gouged out.

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