My Top 5 Favorite Homebrew Campaigns

As an avid Dungeons and Dragons player(If you happen to be one), most of us have amazing imaginations, able to think up the craziest things, and then throw them all together and make an entire story out of them. Effortlessly. I was thinking up ideas for a new campaign earlier, and figured I’d write some ideas down, and list my top favorite ideas and settings. (not all ideas are entirely mine)

  1. My first and favorite idea so far is for a campaign where my PC’s compete to be the baddest criminals in the area. The PC’s must be all evil, and the setting in a large volcanic mountain, one at the very top of the mountain, created by the elves and humans, one in the volcano itself created by dwarves. In between the two cities are tunnels, dungeons, and caverns making up purgatory, where all the worst criminals reside. The PC’s compete to be at the top of the food chain in purgatory.
  2. he world has been destroyed by a huge war between the gods that ruled over the world, and essentially brought on the apocalypse. The survivors, of all races, have gathered in one “mega-city” if you will. The Pc’s start in one of the underground living complexes that were created by magic and start as members of a gang that do jobs, eventually can start up their own gang and explore a massive city, trying to become the crime-lords that run it. In the middle of the wastes is the mantle of a god that fell in the war, his power in a physical object that is protected by the other gods and the knowledge of it is actively suppressed. Their is a cult that is trying to acquire it but doing so would upset the world order.
  3. Players are new employees of a mercenary company. They eventually, through some not terribly subtle comedic interactions discover that they are working for the bad guys. Party could definitely chose to roll with it, but party leader is a Paladin and so instead they opposed them and ended up killing their direct supervisor. That took them to the capital city where their former employers had their headquarters and a cozy relationship with the King. They made an alliance with a relatively benevolent crime boss, who set them up to create their own mercenary firm to oust their former employers and the king. Crime boss gave them an old mansion for their new base. They had sidequests to fortify it, get in-house blacksmiths, alchemist, and new recruits as well as to get the corrupt police off their backs and to discredit their old employers and the king.
  4. The premise is that a long time ago there were only 4 very powerful gods, equal and in balance, each caring for one aspect of the world. Eventually one of the gods tried to gather more power, sparking a multiplanar war. The god was defeated and the other three gods decided that to prevent the cataclysmic war from ever happening again, they need to split all four of them into Aspects of themselves, and thus the pantheon of the world was created. Evil gods are considered evil because they were once part of the god who started the war. When the campaign takes place there are some ruins of the temples of the Old Gods, though almost everyone has forgotten who they were built for.
  5. An entire campaign whose individual modules are based entirely on Seinfeld episodes. They get lost in a dungeon (parking garage), there’s an evil eye outside their house that’s preventing them from sleeping (Kenny roger’s roasters), they get poisoned by envelopes shipped to invite them to a wedding, one of the group is mistaken for a serial killer, etc.

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