Fallout 4: Lockpicking Guide

So, as most avid Fallout 4 players know by now, lockpicking is a huge thing in the game! You can unlock so many crazy good things, even legendary weapons! Lockpicking is extremely valuable.

So lets start out with the basics of lockpicking. When you happen to come across a locked box, safe, or even door, you get the option to attempt to pick the lock. All locks require a bobby pin in your inventory to attempt to unlock. Now all the locks are divided into different levels of difficulty, the easiest being novice, and then on to advanced, expert and finally, master. Now the novice locks don’t require you to level up any perks to attempt, and you can start off attempting to pick these locks right away as soon as you get in the game, assuming you’ve already acquired some bobby pins.

The idea of lockpicking is really very simple, though the action itself may not be. First of all, you need at least one bobby pin in your inventory, once again. Bobby pins are quite easy to find, you can pick them up from dang near anywhere, or buy them from vendors. Next, walk your optimistic self up to that intimidating lock that you’re currently looking up for to pick, and press unlock! It’s different on every console, but the main idea is to rotate the bobby pin with your with mouse button or joystick, and the screwdriver with the left. The lock is more than likely to show some resistance, unlocking a lock on the first attempt without any resistance is rare, I promise. On a controller, you will feel this with a bit of vibration. At this point, slightly change the position of the bobby pin and try again. If the resistance gets worse, go the opposite way you’ve been moving it and continue trying. Once you get your bobby pin close enough to the correct position, you will be able to rotate the screwdriver farther and farther before it begins to resist again. Just continue these steps until you’ve successfully picked the lock, remembering to make very slight changed in the bobby pins position, as it can snap and you’ll have to use a new one.

The screen you see while attempting to pick a lock.

If you’ve mastered the novice locks and are ready to move on to advanced, expert and master, there are some things you have to do first. You must acquire the locksmith perk, which requires 4 levels into your perception. This will allow you to attempt advanced locks, but you have to get your locksmith perk ranked up at level 7 to make expert locks available for you to attempt, level 18 for master locks, and you have to reach a whopping level 41 to rank up your locksmith perk up to its maximum rank and prevent your bobby pins from continuing to break while picking locks.

There is a collectible bobblehead located in Pickman Gallery, on the coast of the bay. The inscription on it reads “Always strive for the unobtainable.” Obtaining this bobblehead makes lockpicking permanently easier.

To find this bobblehead, you must do a bit. When you enter the gallery there are two ways you can go. If you can already unlock master locks, head straight into the kitchen and unlock the basement door. If you can’t, then head to the top floor, and then through the hole in the wall leading down to the cellar, watch out for traps along the way though!

Clear out the groups of raiders as you make your way through the underground passages, until you reach the final room, where you’ll see a Pickman fighting a group of raiders. The bobblehead will be in that room, on the floor next to the trash can (A).

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