How to Attain the Best Ark: Survival Evolved Dinosaurs

I may be a busy person, but let me tell you,

I absolutely love playing Ark in my free time.

One of the things that always irritates me though, is that every time I find a cool dino I want to knock out, tame, and snatch up as my own, it kicks my ass. There are a lot of cool dinosaurs, and most of the really cool ones are extremely overpowered!

I’ll show you how to get all those cool dinosaurs for yourself in a few steps, my absolute favorites.

  1. Tools for knocking out
  2. Torpidity vs. Unconscious time
  3. What to feed
  4. Abilities of the Dinos

Table of Contents

  • Argentavis
  • Baryonyx
  • Daeodon


The Argentavis is a large bird, best resembling an eagle. Tamable, ridable and breedable, this bird is an excellent choice for your first flyer.

  1. This is a dinosaur that you have to knock out to tame, like most. A common way to knock ths one out is to set up several dinosaur gates, one in front of the other, with a door on each of the end gates. Close the back gate, then attack the argentavis, so that it’ll follow you. Lure the argentavis through your trap to the back gate with the door, then run around to the front through the gaps in the gates and shut the front door. You’ve trapped your argie!

If you just don’t have the time to trap an argentavis, or the supplies to do so, there is a quicker way. If you go to Carno Island and kill a dinosaur in front of an argie, the bird will go to harvest its body. There will be a green health symbol that appears over its head, when that happens, knock it out quickly! The argentavis will instantly tame and be yours. I suggest stronger tranquilizing methods for this way though, as the argentavis can come and attack you freely if you’re not quick enough!

To knock this one out, you’ll need either a longneck rifle, a bow or a crossbow, and either tranq darts, shocking tranq darts, or tranq arrows.

2. The torpidity for the argentavis is relatively low, only losing around 1.0 point/second, meaning it’ll be easy to tame!

For a max level argentavis on an official sever, lvl 150, a fully unconsious argentavis shouldn’t wake up for 1:36:01, giving you loads of time to get together the supplies you need.

3. Now to tame this dinosaur, it has specific food that it prefers. The quickest method of taming would definitely be with Superior Kibble, which would only take 42:12, using 11 pieces of kibble. This method will be 98.7% effective, gaining your dinosaur 74 levels, which would put it at level 224.

The second best way to tame an argentavis would be with Raw Mutton, using 23 pieces. This method would take 51:46 and be 94.6% effective, gaining your argentavis 70 levels, up to level 220.

The third best method of taming an argentavis is to use 29 pieces of Raw Prime Fish Meat. It would be 91.7% effective, and your argie would gain 68 levels, ending up at level 218.

There are other, much less effective ways to tame an argentavis, but when you first start out in Ark, you’re not going to have access to the best foods yet!

Keep in mind, that this table is based off of a Max Level, level 150 Argentavis with Official Settings.

Food SourceAmount NeededEffectiveness and TimeLevels Gained
Superior Kibble1198.7% (42:12)+74 (224)
Raw Mutton2394.6% (51:46)+70 (220)
Raw Prime Meat2991.7% (1:05:16)+68 (218)
Raw Prime Fish Meat7164.2% (1:19:53)+48 (198)
Raw Meat8555.5% (3:11:16)+41 (191)
Raw Fish Meat21316.6% (3:59:38)+12 (162)
Taming Calculator for an Argentavis(Level 150)

4. The argentavis has some cool features. When equipped with a saddle, you can use your argentavis as a mobile smithy, saving loads of time when you’re out and about collecting resources to craft with! They have a Rapid Regeneration Buff that helps them regain health and stamina, even while they’re flying. They have very High Weight for a flyer and are great for long trips. Argentavises are also capable of grabbing other players off the ground and off their mounts, which they can then attack them mid air or drop them from very great heights. You can also use this ability to pick up wild dinosaurs to take them to taming areas safely, even drop them into traps. You can even use a Grappling Hook to hook onto an argentavis to make taming mid-air possible, and very easy!


The baryonyx is possibly the best dinosaur for harvesting fish meat, and transporting it. The baryonyx is very quick on land and swins even faster than it runs.

  1. The best method I have come across for knocking out a baryonyx so far is to stand in a high area, and shoot at it on the ground from that area. Bolas no longer immobilize them, so it’s a bit more difficult than it used to be, and ABSOLUTELY do not fight them in the water, make sure you lure them to land first!

To tame the baryonyx, you’ll want to have either a longneck rifle, bow, crossbow, or harpoon launcher on hand, along with tranq darts, shocking tranq darts, tranq arrows, or tranq bolts.

This table is based on a max level, 150 Baryonyx with official stats.

ToolAmmoNumber Required
Longneck RifleTranquilizer Darts18
Longneck RifleShocking Tranquilizer Darts9
BowTranquilizer Arrows45
CrossbowTranquilizer Arrows26
Harpoon LauncherTranquilizer Bolt14
Baryonyx Tranquilizing Table

2. Like the argentavis, the baryonyx has a low torditiy drop level, losing 1,0 point/second.

A max level baryonyx that is fully knocked out with 100% torpidity will be uncounscious for 1:04:01.

3. To tame the baryonyx, you need fish meat. Regardless of whether it can run on land or not, it only eats fish meat. Keep that in mind for when you have the dinosaur tamed too, it will starve if you don’t give it a steady supply of raw fish meat.

Using Regular Kibble is the best method for taming the baryonyx, taking only 11 pieces and taking 15:38. It is 98.3% effective and makes the dino gain 73 levels, bringing it up to level 223.

Using Raw Prime Fish Meat requires 73 pieces of meat, and takes 30:26. It is 56% effective, and makes your dinosaur gain 42 levels, putting it at level 192.

Using Raw Fish Meat takes 219 pieces of meat, takes 1:31:16. It is 12.6% effective and gains 9 levels, taking it up to level 159.

4. As I stated before, the baryonyx is great for harvesting fish meat as well as pearls and oil! You can use the baryonyx as a great aquatic battle mount, as only while it is in the water, you are able to wield a weapon and attack. The baryonyx can stun underwater creatures with a tail spin attack, and is the more ideal dinosaur for taking on cave expeditions.


This ones a bit more in depth, so I included a favorite youtube video of mine, explaining how to knock these guys out below!

For this dinosaur you’re going to want the same weapons as before: a bow, crossbow, or longneck rifle, with either traq darts, shocking tranq darts or tranq arrows. I’ll include another table for you below!

WeaponAmmunitionBody ShotsHead Shots (3x)
BowTranq Arrow8930
CrossbowTranq Arrow5117
Longneck RifleTranq Dart3612
Longneck RifleShocking Tranq Dart186
Daeodon Taming Table

2. The daeodon’s torpidity drops fast, meaning if you are using anything other than kibble to tame it, you’ll need narcotics or narcoberries as well. It drops about 6.2 Torpor/Second, and is fully away after 21:20.

3. The daeodon uses almost any meat to tame, so this part will be decently easy if you have a good amount of meat and access to high quality meats as well.

Keep in mind that this is based on a Max Level, 150 Daeodon with official stats.

FoodAmountTaming TimeEffectivenessLevels GainedNarcotics
2713:2099.9%+74 (224)None
Raw Mutton2811:21:1889.5%+67 (217)250
Raw Prime Meat3021:27:2388.1%+66 (216)275
Raw Prime
Fish Meat
8792:07:1046.6%+34 (184)440
Raw Meat10541:01:0037.8%+28 (178)165
Raw Fish Meat26351:16:158.8%+6 (156)229
Daeodon Taming Calculator

4. The daeodon is cool because of the fast that it’s basically a traveling base infirmary. It has the ability to hear nearby dinosaurs at the expense of food, and also produce mass amounts of feces, great for farming!

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